Monday, August 07, 2006

Lots of Sensational Sites

Today I'm going to a bunch of Sensational Sites that aren't quite good enough for their own posts, but are still deserving of a place on the cool sites blog. Here goes:

Website Flags
: If Google, Amazon, or Yahoo had flags, what would they look like?

Website Remote Controls: Same sort of idea as above, but with remote controls.

Logo Game
: Can you match the company with the logo?

Ordering Pizza in 2008
: What will it be like?

FindInForums: A search engine for forums.

Bad Joke Generator: Quite self-explanitory.

Plen: A movie of a Japanese robot.

Sensational Video
Ok Go--Here It Goes Again

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That video looks so cool. I loved the way they used the tread mills. Reminds me I got to get the one back from my inlaws (They have had it for 7 years, really I will get it someday.)

Thanks for sharing the video and also being a part of or I would never have found your site.