Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Desktop Wallpapers

Last post I mentioned National Geographic wallpapers. I thought I'd continue by posting some more cool wallpaper websites:

A simple Google search for "desktop wallpaper" will bring up sites like Desktopia and But in this post I want to focus on some of the lesser known gems available on the web. Here are my favorites (all free), in no particular order:

1. 3dWorld - Not a huge selection here, but the few that are available are pretty cool.

2. EdenPics - A gallery of beautiful nature photos (perfectly sized for desktops).

3. WinMatrix Forums - for PCs that wish they were Macs, check out this forum thread which links the download pages for generic Macintosh wallpapers.

4. Movie Wallpapers - like the name says, this is a place to download movie wallpapers! The site is a little bit hard to navigate, but there are some good desktop pictures on the site... if you can find them.

Thats all for now! I will probably be posting more sometime in the future.
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