Friday, August 11, 2006


Information is an infinately zoomable picture mozaic! Its really neat. You click on a spot of a picture, you zoom in. When this happens, you realize that the picture is not made up of normal pixels, but of other photos! You then keep zooming in until you are left with only one pixel/photograph, and then the process starts over again. Try it out. Just be careful, you might like it so much that you end up spending the rest of you life on this page!

Go to Information

The makers of "Information" have also created several other awesome picture manipulation type things. View all of them here.
Sensational News:
Sensationa Sites now has Google ads!

This is great news for both you and me. Its good for you for two reasons. One, now that this blog if making me money (however small), I will have more motivation to post often. And two, Google Adsense ads are always relevant to what I'm posting about, so it gives my blog posts more depth to explore. Thanks for being so supportive!

P.S. I love it when you leave comments, it really makes my day. Thanks again to all my readers!
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  At 3:12 PM Blogger CyberCelt said:
Thank you for renting my blog this week. I have posted a welcome post here:
My pleasure! That was a really good welcome post!