Monday, August 14, 2006


Have you ever got a great idea in the middle of the day that "could have made you millions"? But then you promply forget it? I know I have! With the help of Wridea, you'll never forget a great idea again. Here is a features list from the site:
  • NEW Collaborative brainstorm sessions. With Wridea, your friends can participiate on your ideas by commenting on them.
  • NEW RSS Feeds. Subscribe to your friends' idea or comment RSS feeds and stay tuned!
  • Get your ideas organized. Wridea is easy to use. Letting you create, edit and delete your ideas, pages and categories smoothly and easily.
  • Create ideas. Let your mind focus on new ideas and discover new things. Free your mind by storing all your todo items, ideas, concepts, anything cluttering your mind in wridea.
  • Create categories easily with wridea for categorizing your ideas and thoughts. For example, create a category named "Illustration" and put your new illustration concepts into it.
  • Create pages for collecting each related ideas into single pages, even if they have different categories. For example, you can create a page for one of your projects and add all your ideas, todo items, concepts or anything else related to that project into the newly created page.
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Sensational Video
Stop-Motion Human Space Invaders

This is pretty sweet. Here is the link.
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