Wednesday, August 16, 2006

DVD Easter Eggs

An easter egg is a hidden feature on a DVD. For example, on the Star Wars III DVD if you type a secret code (which you can find on today's Sensational Site) on your DVD remote, you can see a video of Yoda rapping! Search for your favorite movie on this site, and discover new features on your DVD you knew even knew existed!

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If you still don't understand what an easter egg is, here is an explanation from

What is a DVD Easter Egg?

This is probably the most obvious, and most frequently asked question. Of course the chances are that if you found this site, you may already know, but if not, here goes. As most will know, during the Easter holiday, people will paint eggs, then hide them for their children to find. This is the traditional idea behind the "Easter Egg". Extend that idea into the digital world, and an Easter Egg is something that is hidden, in some form of media. Way back when Microsoft released Excel (as an example) there was an easter egg in the software. The developers hid a game in the program. You had to fill certain fields of the spreadsheet with a specific value, etc. and you were able to unlock this 'Doom-like' game. Well much the same concept goes for easter eggs on DVD's. The developers who make the DVD's, their menu systems, etc. tend to hide special features on the disc.

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